Download e-book for kindle: A flora of southern Illinois by Robert H. Mohlenbrock, John W. Voigt

By Robert H. Mohlenbrock, John W. Voigt

ISBN-10: 080930662X

ISBN-13: 9780809306626

This e-book may be of specific curiosity to these inter­ested in utilized fields of biology, corresponding to conservation, forestry, and wild lifestyles. The southern twelve counties of Illinois, a complete of 4,355 sq. miles, contain the world lined during this booklet. it really is a space within which either northern and southern flowers specimens abound. a large choice of plant species develop during this sector, and approximately 2 hundred new crops now not previously pointed out with this sector were integrated within the listings. Especially worthy to beginner botanists, the booklet is a vital handbook in deciding on the crops that make up the local surroundings of this zone. Seventy-seven illustrations reduction in deciding on and knowing the plant groups.

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Fruit a follicle or dehiscent capsule of some authors in 74. Spiraeoideae Rosaceae 14. Fruit an achene or drupelets (achenes sometimes enclosed by hypanthium) of some authors in 74. Rosoideae Rosaceae 13. Flowers epigynous (ovary inferior); fruit dry, carpels separate at maturity; carpels 2; inflorescence an umbel 112. Umbelliferae 12. Petals united; flowers hypogynous (ovary superior) 15 15. Leaflets entire Polemonium in 124. Polemoniaceae 15. Leaflets toothed 125. Hydrophyllaceae 2. Palmately compound leaves 16 16.

Polygalaceae 5. Flowers regular 9 9. Petals in fives 10 10. Sepals usually 2; leaves and stems somewhat succulent 51. Portulacaceae 10. Sepals 5 or more; leaves and stems not succulent 11 11. Leaves usually in a basal rosette 12 12. Plants of rocky places; carpels 1 to several or 2 basally fused 68. Saxifragaceae 12. Plants not of rocky places; carpels 5; free-central placentation; ovules numerous. 114. Primulaceae 11. Leaves not usually forming a basal rosette 78. Linaceae 9. Petals 3, 4, or 5, or petals absent 13 13.

Plants with milky sap (sap clear in A tuberosa) 9 9. Flowers apetalous; ovary 3-parted 84. Euphorbiaceae Page 29 9. Flowers with petals and sepals 10 10. Ovary 2-parted, forming a twin follicle fruit; flowers without a corona 10. Ovary 2-parted, forming a single several-seeded follicle; flowers with a corona 8. Plants without milky sap 11 11. Plants with square stems. 12 12. Ovary inferior 13 13. Leaves 3- to 5-nerved, sessile, ciliate-serrulate; stamens twice the number of sepals or petals 13.

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