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By John G. Hemry

ISBN-10: 1101650788

ISBN-13: 9781101650783

Clean from the Academy, Ensign Paul Sinclair has been assigned to the warship USS Michaelson , whose undertaking is to prevent any overseas vessels from violating U.S. sovereign space.

When Captain Peter Wakeman mistakenly destroys a civilian technology- send perceived as adverse, Sinclair needs to testify opposed to Wakeman at a court-martial listening to. yet Sinclair believes that the severity of the fees opposed to the captain are unjust-and turns into a witness for the defense...

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I could no more abandon the Mother Thing than I could have abandoned Peewee… and there were only two space suits. Even if she could wear our sort, which looked as practical as roller skates on a snake. The Mother Thing gently pointed out that her own vacuum gear had been destroyed. ) And so the fight began. It was an odd fight, with the Mother Thing gentle and loving and sensible and utterly firm, and Peewee throwing a tearful, bad-little-girl tantrum-and me standing miserably by, not even refereeing.

Chapter 7 Chapter 7 I don't know if they took us all that weary way back in the crawler, or if Wormface sent a ship. I woke up being slapped and was inside, lying down. " I tried to fight back and found that I couldn't. I was in a straitjacket thing that held me as snugly as a wrapped mummy. I let out a yelp. Skinny grabbed my hair, jerked my head up, tried to put a big capsule into my mouth. I tried to bite him. He slapped me harder and offered me the capsule again. His expression didn't change-it stayed mean.

Kip? It can't be ahead of us. " "You're sure? Think hard. " She hesitated. She had her face pushed up close to her lens while we touched helmets and I could see her frown. Finally she said, "It's not up ahead. " "That settles it. To the rear, march! " "Macbeth. " Those tracks were only half a mile behind us-I had missed them. They were on bare rock with only the lightest covering of dust; the Sun had been over my shoulder when we first crossed them, and the caterpillar tread marks hardly showed-I almost missed them going back.

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