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Person who gives property for the benefit of another. Enabling legislation Drawee The person who will pay a bill of exchange such as a cheque. In the case of a cheque the drawee is the bank that the cheque is drawn on. Drawer The person that has written a bill of exchange, such as a person who has written a cheque. Legislation which authorises bodies to create detailed rules to accomplish general principles set out in that legislation. Endorsement of claim Summary of the facts supporting a legal claim.

Excise duty A type of tax levied on certain goods. Exclusions The things a contract does not provide cover for. To carry out a contract. Executed A director who works full time as a director of the company. Executor Person appointed in a will to deal with an estate. Executory Describing something such as a contract which has not been started yet. Executrix A woman appointed in a will to deal with an estate. Exemplary damages Damages given as a punishment. Exhibit Document or object shown to a judge or jury as evidence in a trial.

Nonfeasance Not doing something that one is bound to do by law. Non-joinder If a person who should have been a party to legal proceedings has been omitted the court may amend the pleadings to include the nonjoined party. Not guilty Nemo jude in sua causa* A court's verdict that the person charged with a crime did not commit it. Nobody may be a judge in his own case. Not negotiable Next of kin Person's nearest blood relation. Nolle prosequi* Recorded decision not to prosecute further. Cannot be transferred.

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