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By Larry McCaffery

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Smooth technological know-how fiction writers inhabit a land a long way faraway from the very easily accepted nation-states of E.T. and big name Wars. Lurking the following within the suburbs of literature are the most clever, fiercely imaginitive, and outrageous writing skills at paintings this day. around the Wounded Galaxies probes the minds and psyches of 10 writers whose works have had an important impression at the evolution of the style over the last quarter-century. As Larry McCaffery places it, "While SF authors were sifting via well-known SF parts and studying new complexities and syntheses, they've got additionally been boldly exploring literary terrain the place no authors have long past before."

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There was a period back in the'60s when it seemed as if a genuinely enlightened attitude might be evolving. WB: Yes,it seemslike all the ground gainedin the '60s-in all sorts of areas-is now being lost. LM: Is this rightward swing an inevitable reaction? WB: No swing is inevitable. I'm not even convinced that what we're seeingis necessarilya swing. What we're seeingwith drug attitudes is certainly engineeredby the administration. They're the ones orchestrating this whole antidrug nonsense,and this hysteria could turn the whole planet into a police state.

Or was that just a lot of hippie nonsense? WB: Well, you never know. You can look back on what's happened and you can see various points where a wrong turn was made, an opportunity lost. And thesewrong turns weren't just taken in America. The same thing was happening in France, for example. I'm not sayingno real progresswas made. Prior to the '60s minorities had no rights at all to speak ol and four-letter words could not appear on a printed page. But considering what the opportunities were, where we are now is pretty discouraging.

I'm merely following in Brion's footstepsin the introduction of random factors. That sort of thing also goes on in his calligraphy. This notion that what goes on inside somebody can affect something outside goesagainst the dogma of scientific materialism, which would insist there can't possiblybe any relationship between what you see as you walk down the street and what you're thinking. But that's obviously not true. I'm thinking about New Mexico, and I come around a corner and there's a New Mexico license plate.

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