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At a certain point during this double travel, the original is transilluminated in such a manner as to expose the raw stock either by contact (contact printing) or by the interposition of an optical system (optical printing). There are four basic types of printers. 1. Continuous Contact Printer This type is the most frequently found in film laboratories. As the name implies, in this machine, the original and the print stock are transported continuously at constant speed and exposed by contact, emulsion against emulsion, at the level of a printing aperture (Fig.

The optical axis can be adjusted in order to compensate for parallax problems at various filming distances. The focal length of the objective is calculated so as to cover the same field of view as the camera objective. Different viewfinder objectives are required to accommodate the various focal lengths of the camera objectives. Some­ times they are mounted on a small turret which may be interlocked with the main camera turret, ensuring proper matching of both objectives. f dι Ά Η η < 2 B* 3 FIG.

S. Mail, bus lines, etc. To speed up matters, a mail clerk is in charge of collecting all shipments from the carriers and delivering them in the facilities approximately 30 min after the laboratory has opened its doors to conduct business. All shipments are then directed to production control, whose responsibility is to sift out exposed footage for processing and prepare internal paper work in accordance with the film makers instructions. It must be pointed out here that it is of the utmost importance for the cinematographer to provide complete and detailed instructions as to his requirements.

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