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Analog technology Fiction and truth, December 2014, quantity CXXXIV No. 12
Trevor Quachri, editor
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"The Anomaly" by way of C. W. Johnson
"Humans First!" by means of Kyle Kirkland

Short Stories
"Dino Mate" via Rosemary Claire Smith
"Citizen of the Galaxy" through Evan Dicken
"Mammals" via David D. Levine
"Saboteur" by way of Ken Liu
"Twist of Coil" by means of Miki Dare
"Racing the Tide" via Craig DeLancey

"Crash" by way of John F. Keane

Science Fact
"Speared" by way of Tom Ligon, Stephanie Osborn, Arlan Andrews Sr

"Probability 0: All Too Human" via Paul Carlson
Guest Editorial: "A number of Apocalypses" via Howard V. Hendrick
Alternate View: "Hacking the Genome Alphabet" by way of John G. Cramer
"Biolog: Rosemary Claire Smith" via Richard A. Lovettrtledove, Joe Haldeman and Ben Bova.

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Stella walked to the window and looked outside. " "You can't leave. You don't have a valid ID. " She began walking to the door. " She left, shutting the door gently. David Banks released a long, joyful sigh. "That wasn't so hard," he said. He went to the couch, told his shirt to turn off, and then addressed the computer. " Paul brought up his own display of Stella and her surroundings, a dim staircase she was descending, then he accepted the comlink. When Banks' face appeared, Paul told him he had done a good job.

He opened a comlink to Sorenson. "We need to contact the Bureau of Life Insurance. . " Sorenson was standing, on his way out. " "Paul had taken a hit. " "So this transmitter isn't as useful as we thought. Terminate Stella. " "She's on to you and she's dangerous. " "We have something. When she beamed away, this time she used the cloaking software and morphed into a bird creature. I think she's feeling safe now. All we have to do is get an agent . " Demiurge 59 "Wait. Listen to this. When she went to the morph boutique, on-line, the transmitter kept working.

If he could have kept the memory — that of his flesh burning, freezing, and then becoming numb gray clay, the pain spreading until that terrible moment when he was half clay, solidly split in the middle, just a head and feet waiting to disappear — he would never have gone undercover again. Fortunately, for him and for the department, this memory, like those of his other thirteen deaths, would be forgotten. *** Banks watched the scene from the flat in London. He had indeed called building security at the resort, but by the time the lone security guard had arrived, Stella was gone and Paul was a broken gray mess on the couch.

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