New PDF release: And Another Thing... (The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

By Eoin Colfer

ISBN-10: 1401310303

ISBN-13: 9781401310301

"And one other factor ..." could be the 6th novel within the now improbably named "Hitchhiker's consultant to the Galaxy" trilogy. 8 years after the demise of its author, Douglas Adams, the author's widow, Jane Belson, has given her acclaim for the undertaking to be persisted by way of the overseas no 1 bestselling children's author, Eoin Colfer, writer of the "Artemis Fowl" novels. Douglas Adams himself as soon as acknowledged, 'I suspect at some point soon sooner or later i'm going to write a 6th Hitchhiker publication. 5 looks a flawed type of quantity, six is a greater form of number.' Belson stated of Eoin Colfer, 'I love his books and will now not reflect on a greater individual to move Arthur, Zaphod and Marvin to pastures new.' Colfer, keen on Hitchhiker because his schooldays, stated, 'Being given the opportunity to write down this publication is like without notice being provided the superpower of your selection. For years i've been completing this excellent tale in my head and now i've got the chance to do it within the actual world.' organize to be amazed...

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A grin spread across his face and filled his eyes with its sparkle. He burst out laughing. "So you think . . " he began, but the question was cut short by still more laughter. Laura tilted her head and knitted her brow in confusion. "I'm sorry," Gray said. "I should've guessed. We haven't really discussed your job. " He cleared his throat, regaining his composure. "I'm afraid there has been some misunderstanding. I'm not the one in need of your counseling, Dr. " She shook her head and shrugged, then swiped away the wisp of hair that had fallen loose across her cheek.

Aldridge," he said. She nodded, an oafish grin creeping onto her face. Chill out! she thought, scolding herself and clenching her jaw tightly. "Won't you have a seat," Gray said, ushering Laura to her chair, which he held for her. " "Thank you: It was," she said as Gray took the seat opposite Laura's. A waiter appeared and poured red wine into their glasses. " "Oh, the . . " Laura realized to her embarrassment that he had no time for details like what plane they'd sent for her. "It's really a good idea.

She didn't want to go down those steps without knowing more. She had an unsettled feeling in her stomach and couldn't tell whether it was from the ride or from something else. From something vaguely . . sinister. Suddenly, the series of decisions she'd made to coming to Gray's island seemed flawed. What was she doing there—what was Gray doing there? She wanted to know, to learn, to sate her natural curiosity, especially after the small glimpse she'd got of his island. But Laura's rising sense of foreboding evoked in some saner corner of her mind the desire instead to go home, return to the comfortable confines of her prior life.

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